do we want to elect a man who believes he will recieve his own planet when he dies?

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  1. Yes, America STILL manages to reach Mars despite half the country preparing to elect a man who believes he’ll get a planet when he dies. It is all the more to the credit of the sane, rational half of America that it manages to achieve so much despite being positively held back by the other half, the half that believes the universe is 6,000 years old, the half that seriously contemplates voting for a Mormon. Richard Dawkins
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    Including the mineral rights?
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    Have to be blunt and say I couldn't care less about this. Not a valid critique of Romney's plan to further regress America.
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    That's not what they (Mormons) believe. If you are going to trash on them, then at least do enough honest research to get the facts right. C'mon FT, you are better than that. You can't just look up quotes from an anti-religious zealot and take them for fact without actually considering that he might have incentive to contort and spin things in support of his own biases.

    BTW, you realize that pretty much all of mainstream Christianity teaches that "believers" will in the end be "joint heirs" with Christ in inheriting the Earth. So I guess Dawkins says the same thing about Obama huh?!? Last time I checked, Obama is a Christian.
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    Is it possible to regress further than we have in the last 3 1/2 years? THAT would be bad.
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    No he's not.
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    Why not? We elected an unqualified former pot head who used to smoke his joints in a car so as not to waste any of the fumes.

    Oh and shortly you'll be enduring the wrath of Brass, ET's resident spelling Nazi bitch, for misspelling receive. Brace yourself.
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    I think that he is. It is just easier not to do the research on your own and instead take quotes from people whom you generally agree with. I don't have a problem with that, because it is difficult to fact check every statement. But, if he is going to spread that statement then I believe that it is required of any professed thinking person to determine the factual basis.

    In this case, a very basic search reveals that the "mormons get a planet when they die" thing is a twisted and exaggerated rumor typically spread by people who want to make them look kooky. It has no basis in actual doctrine. Would've taken him about 5 minutes on google to figure that out.
  9. i disagree. mormanism is a young enough religion that anybody can follow it from its inception with a few clicks of google.
    that a smart man like romney can overlook the evidence and follow what is an obvious con at its inception points to his lack of critical thinking and judgement ability.
    important qualities in a president.
  10. Sounds kinda paltry to me since my dad owns the whole universe. :D
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