Do we really want Crusades in the 21st century?

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  1. Now when both sides of the political spectrum are equally stirred up and the Pope’s comments are taken as insults we need to examine the rationale approach to this situation.

    Failed Foreign Policy

    We are the invaders and occupiers of two Muslim countries as well as maintain bases (new ones mind you) all over the Middle East including Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Whether we have sufficient reasons to currently occupy Iraq and Afghanistan is debatable. We are nation builders in a costly and questionably successful war in Afghanistan when the US supported government is only control of Kabul and the surrounding areas and Heroin production has flourished to the level of the pre Taliban era. Iraq is near a civil war.

    Any foreign policies that lacks introspection and self-examination in hopes to gain political and diplomatic currency is failed from the get go. The US foreign policy has been exclusively oil politics and unfortunately has been dictated from the boardrooms of Exxon Mobile and other energy giants not the State Department.

    Ethical and Spiritual Quest

    Muslims are demonized in hopes of pandering for votes and selling newspapers or getting shares in ratings for TV. It is a cynical and immoral game.
    Facts about Muslim aggression
    Muslim religion has its history in war and spreading their faith but so do we in the West.
    Some western religion states that no soul shall enter the Heaven unless a) he is a Catholic, or b) a born again Christian or c) take your pick of the dogma of choice.
    So the Western Churches also believe and spread exclusion and aggressive about converting and maintain a certain superiority of their choice of Dogma and worldview.

    I am sure the culprits are equally damaging on both sides. Certain schools in the Muslim world preach hatred and violence. But we are not helping our cause by behaving like them. Unfortunately since the First Crusades we have. We think best self-defense is offense and occupation. Unfortunately it has never worked like this in history.

    Mohamed the Prophet

    Mohamed was a camel driver before his became a prophet. He used to take long sabbaticals into the mountains and visit caves and just stay there and meditate. He did this for a long time. Until one day – he got it. He had the vision. And his vision WAS the same as Jesus’, Buddha’s and Moses’.
    There is only one truth and we are quibbling about the name we gave it.
    There is only one God and we are fighting over his name and who has monopoly over it.
    And that is not very spiritual.


    A new Crusading war is not in the best interest of the West and potentially equally devastating to the Muslim world. Israel is the nation with the most to lose and who would take the worst of the crossfire of the two battling giants - the West and the Iran/Al Queda. Remember it is hard to scare a person who is not afraid of death.
    Andras Nagy
  2. my god is better than your god and if you dont believe in my god you will burn in hell. same old same old.