Do we need the Post Office?

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    I rent a commercial post office box. The USPS won't deliver packages to them. I know how the Post Office works, it's run by a union and they will not cooperate with anything that is private sector. In rural areas they farm out the mail delivery to private sector companies and I had a mailman that could not read! I shit you not, he could not read, but he was qualified under the rules, put together by the union, to deliver mail! They just do whatever it takes to screw up the private sector "scabs" and make them look bad. The really odd and arbitrary rules they enforce on the private sector subcontractor post offices are truly unreal, and they enforce them with glee......

    So I'm thinking, wow, we have all these wonderful private sector delivery services that are running circles around the post office, which is losing tons of money.. why not shut it down? Is it here for national security? Give me a break, it plays no part in that. Is it here because it's efficient for business? Hell no, you can't even get them to stop delivering junk mail, it would reduce work for the union people so they are extremely uncooperative in that matter, never mind environmental concerns and the trees lost to junk mail that gets thrown away...

    Should we shut down the Post Office, what say you?
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    It's a subsidy at this point. If you are poor and either cannot afford $30 to send a letter, or purchase a computer and internet service, or if you are rural and cannot afford satellite internet service, then why should my tax dollars facilitate your communication with others?
  3. Are you serious the USPS won't deliver USPS packages to your box, they deliver them to my residential mailbox even on saturdays.

    Maybe you should rent a larger box.
  4. I don't know why don't you ask fdr concerning phone and electricity services.
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    No you dumbass, they won't drop them off with the people that run the commercial post office box place. Those people are willing to sign even, the USPS won't do business with them! It's clearly and simply a matter of the shitty attitude of the USPS towards the private sector. Does anybody use the USPS for anything serious nowadays?

    I wonder if all these trolls are just union goons really? Maybe they are here to condition us to getting shitty treatment form shitty people...

    I discovered this site where people can petition to put junk mail on the same level as the telephone do not call list... anybody that wants to can sign the petition:

  6. Perhaps I get better service since I live in the south or I'm not dumb enough to expect the USPS to deliver to a non-USPS box?

    I don't know what your situation is but since you assume I'm a dumbass for asking and then go on to accuse me of being a union troll, I don't give a fuck either.
    It appears you and the USPS have some traits in common.

    With my posting history only a fricken moron would assume I'm a big union fan.
  7. Interesting idea.

    I understand that consumers always have a choice in choosing which parcel delivery service they should use when sending out mails/packages. What about receiving mail? Do consumers have a choice? How much would this "choice", which translate into potential re-routing, additional gas, and labor usage by the private parcel service, cost us?
  8. Yes we need the post office.Without it UPS ,DHL and FEDEX prices would double and soon triple
  9. Yeah and you would be too stupid to buy the stock.

    Why you morons believe monopolies lower prices while simultaneously assuming true competition increases prices and lowers service is for me one of life's great mysteries (providing you know how to tie your own shoes).
  10. Personally, I feel it's my patriotic duty to accept junk mail and promptly toss it in the garbage. Chrissakes man, I gotta keep this economy rolling and people working.

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    Each piece of junk mail supports 45 jobs according to the Nutmeg-Schiller index. We ain't accomplishing much but hey, wdfik, I'm no bean counter.
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