Do we need any more of that BS Spamming?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by nononsense, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. Do we need any more of that BS Spamming?
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  2. I think it would be good for you to have the competition.

    He may not be a 39 like you are but he is dealing with things you never responded to that others posted.

    Letting him have the headstart as you did was a real nice display of your being absolutely clear he is your competitor.
  3. It appears he is a paying sponsor. I prefer their spam to the other crap. At least they shell out $$$ for the right.
  4. This thread has a ton to do with strategy trading... riiiight.

    Next stop feedback all aboard!
  5. I have noticed since last one year, you have been doing
    whatever you wanted very freely and no body objected
    to you.

    Though you seems don't need to contribute to any thread
    except ruining it, You still have the privilege of putting
    your commercial link to your website, which is fine because
    it's not day-trading related.

    Murrey ruggerio is paying sponsor who helps runing
    this site, and it's a great honor to have knowledgeable
    trader like him here, whether or not he decides to share
    any gems with other members. It's his choice since he is
    a successful trader and paying for the site

    I request you not to turn yourself into another Scalpzy
    character. So Act decent.
  6. Please, people, show a little respect. All suppliers of backtesting software perform an important public service. They enable credulous traders to test absurd and/or absurdly complicated trading ideas and to optimize the random results. These traders then take the "system" to the markets for real-time trading and provide the liquidity which traders who base their decisions on market mechanics need to win.

    They then repeat the process until they become disillusioned, wise up, or deplete their accounts. I applaud all advertisers here who promote the dreamy vision of easy market riches. I think everybody should backtest. I myself use E-Signal. For a modest honorarium I could be persuaded to part with one or two of the systems I have traded out of the scores of absurd ideas I have tested. Some of which I stole from another poster to this thread.
  7. nana,

    This is the most 'indecent' post I ever encountered in your past effusion of kiddy talk.

    What makes you maintain that he is:
    (1) 'a knowledgeable trader';
    (2) 'shar[ing] any gems';
    (3) 'a successful trader'?

    I have at least the decency, like others have also, to raise some questions about these points, this based on a careful examination of a mountain of absolutely unsubstantiated hogwash I waded through over the years.
    All you tell us is that he may be a paying sponsor .
    I believe my contribution to be very valuable to traders aspiring to (ever) become profitable.
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    (non-paying sponsor of Elite Trader)

    PS: It is remarkable how quickly that other great windmill of well-documented market nonsense, Jack, jumped on board with a little post.
  8. Hi hypostomus plextostomus,

  9. Indeed. Under the categories both of absurd AND absurdly complicated. Often I have considered offering a trading seminar in which I would in real time code up the price-gouged participants' favorite wild-assed trading ideas and optimize them for them on the spot. Oh, the liquidity I could create! It is not difficult at all to optimize the stupidest fucking imaginable idea to yield $50 per car expectation in NQ, for example.