Do we need another dumb ass Texan for president?

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    I think I'd rather have a dumb ass Texan than the dumb ass we have now..
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    Be careful what you ask for. Obama would not be at the top of anybody's Best-Pres list, but he walked into a shitstorm from Bush that is still raging.

    What would you do differently, realizing that as President you don't have unlimited power?
  3. Obama ignored the financial crisis in his first year and passed Obamacare. Would we be looking at a downgrade this year if he would have tackled the financial problem first? I think not.
  4. Wow,only 2 A's :(
  5. romney for pres
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    I would not have signed TARP. There is no such thing as too big to fail.

    I would not have wasted so much time and energy pursuing government ruined healthcare that the majority of tax payers don't want anyway.

    I would have withdrawn ALL the troops in Iraq immediately.

    With Bin Laden gone; I would have already begun withdrawing the troops in Afghanistan.

    I would refuse to sign ANY budget that is not balanced.

    I would not sign any legislation that extends unemployment benefits.

    I would not have participated in the Libya attacks, we simply cannot afford it.

    I would not have stopped drilling in the Gulf, even temporarily.

    I would have NOT embarrassed myself getting on national television bragging about having "saved" a couple dozen jobs as if it actually meant something significant.

    I would be busy doing my fucking job rather than vacationing and or campaigning for re-election.

    I would not have claimed to have visited 57 states with one more to go.

    I would have pronounced corpsman correctly.

    I would not have cruised over Manhattan at low altitude in Air Force One.

    I would be pushing VERY hard for a simplified tax code.

    I wouldn't even mention raising taxes.

    I'd have Reverend Jeremiah Alvesta Wright covertly assassinated for sedition and stupidity beyond human comprehension.

    I'd tone down the war on drugs, even investigate the possibility of legalizing Cannabis.

    I'd seal off the southern border and institute exorbitant fines on employers using illegal aliens.

    Within the limit of my authority I'd be shutting down or pushing VERY hard to shut down useless bloated incompetent agencies such as dept. of Education and energy for a start with many more to follow. I would reduce the size of government. It's too big.

    I'd liquidate Air Force One and replace it with a large cabin class corporate jet, much more practical and economical. The speaker of the house can fly commercial or ride Greyhound.

    I'd propose constitutional amendments for congressional term limits a balanced budget and making ALL laws passed by congress APPLY to congress the same as the rest of us.

    I'd look into serious lobbying and campaign contribution reforms, real ones. So as to limit the lop sided influence.

    I push for EVERY wage earner to pay something in income tax even if it's only a token amount.

    I'd close down a number of foreign military bases. We simply can't afford them. If other countries want our protection they can pay for it. Instead of us paying them for the privilege.

    So far as what's within my power I'd all but stop ALL foreign aid.
    It make no fucking sense to borrow money we can't pay back only to fucking give it away to those who don't even appreciate it.

    If I could I have the UN move out of our country. It's time someone else hosted that useless institution.

    I'd push for drug testing of all federal welfare recipients. Positive test mean no fucking free money. (I'm not using the "F" word too much am I?)

    I'd eliminate ALL POTUS appointed "czars".

    If possible I'd reduce the size of the secret service and eliminate secret service protection for life. If future presidents don't have the balls to take some risk after leaving office then as far as I'm concerned they shouldn't be POTUS to begin with.


    Given more time and not having had several beers I could probably come with with much more. But that would at least get me started.
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    Is that all?
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