Do we need a blackberry AND an i-phone

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  1. Such a naive question I know, but considering my cellphone number is known only to my Wife, children and Broker then you may appreciate why I feel the need to ask.

    Is the new new thing to have a blackberry on one hip and an i-phone on the other.

    If you don't have at least one of each, could you still hold you head high in your 'hood'

    I am fascinated to know.

    I am also fascinated to know what people spend each month on their cellular calls.
    I imagine that it is a tad higher than my 35 pesos (around 11 bucks)
  2. Only poseurs and the geekiest will have both. :D
  3. Harsh words gnome, harsh words.

    All the people lined up to be the first to buy an i-phone, would'nt they be the same people who could'nt leave home without their blackberry.
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    We are scratching the bottom... we can't get lower.
  5. I do a lot of mobile trading, so I'll be interested in the IP's browsing experience and VPN capabilities. I'm not keen on EDGE in Reno/Tahoe. A killer device with HSDPA.
  6. Well, I don't know. However I saw on eBay some of the early auctions went for $1500+, one even went for $2,000! Can you imagine?.

    My opinion probably isn't worth much (according to my wife, rarely is), but I refuse to have even a cell phone.
  7. Don't be one of those guys with a phone-holster.
  8. You may well be married to the same woman as a good friend of mine, or at the very least, her sister.

    It took me many a year before I was bullied into a cellphone and it is there for emergencies only, otherwise I can live without it.
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    how interesting, I too don't want a cell phone :)
  10. I would never own either myself too . jake
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