Do we have to go up everyday?

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  1. Come on this is stupid, up up up, its not healthy, geez give us a break please.
  2. De` Javu all over again..........`99 into Y2K....we all know how it ends eventually..........goldilocks will be sodomized by pappa bear when caught sleeping in his bed............then Kudlow can drown his sorrows with boilermakers down at the local gin mill.
  3. A better question is: Do we need a thread like this everyday?
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    Just one item worth mentioning at this juncture. Actually 2--

    1. Yes we can continue to go up forever.

    2. The bubble that burst in the early part of this decade was preceded by 8 or 9 months of sideways action on the monthly chart. (Also, the rise from 2003 was preceded by 8 or 9 months of sideways action on the monthly).

    :) :)
  5. It is kind of silly to watch...but even I, quite bearish overall, have to admit it's entertaining. I'm mostly accumulating leap puts and buying short term's kind of a stretched approach but I think the market taking a nosedive before December is inevitable and if I'm wrong I don't think I could lose much as my Puts are fairly deep in the money now.

    This title from a Marketwatch article says how close we are to total euphoria:

    Dow surges as data points to U.S. economic slowdown
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    Dow surges as data points to U.S. economic slowdown

    Thats my favorite....
  7. Right now it's my favorite quote of all time next to Woody Allen's "I'm not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens." :D
  8. You guys display your ignorance everyday of the week.

    You have to shake this Y2k thing. The year 2000 is *over*. Its done. Complete.

    If during the 1970s, you were shaken out and had this attitude that the stock market was trash then you missed out on the greatest time to make money in history.

    If you got shaken out in the late 20s, then you would have missed the chance to get in in the 30s or 40s.

    The stock market changes all the time. The year 2000 was 7 years ago, its not today.

    Cut this thinking out of market crashes, bubbles and such. That was yesterday, today is a new song.

    We will keep going higher until the S&P500 reaches 2200. Watch and learn.
  9. market going much higher from here
  10. Whatever bro...keep making predictions. The market is moving up and I'm making money off of it. I might be bearish but that doesn't mean I can't capitalize on this insanity of 100% up room to go...your problem is that you equate bearishness with lack of ability to capitalize on moves and you're actually the one who is misjudging because many of us who are bearish are probably making money without necessarily predicting exactly when it will end, we just assume it will end sometime. :D
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