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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by traderob, May 30, 2004.

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  1. traderob


    Today Baron banned "Mikecully "and removed the spmessenger PAGETRADER software review section from the site.
    Since "mike" joined ET every second post was promoting pagetrader- and he had several posts deleted .
    A few weeks ago Pagetrader appeared in the "software" for review - and lo and behold minutes later the first review appeared. Coincidently by Mikecully. In this he claimed to be a customer of pagetrader
    I added a review pointing out that mikecullys profile listed PAGETRADER as his homepage and that his occupation said "marketforecaster" .
    I assumed he would feel guilty about been caught in a blatant lie.
    Apparently not, as two weeks later he writes another 2 reviews and denies that he is a vendor, says he is just a customer.

    My question: what is the thinking of vendors? Do they get so used to lying (manipulating results, downplaying losing trades ect.) that pretending to be a customer of your own company doesn't even seem wrong? Or do they think ET members are so stupid that we wouldn't notice? BTW the pagetrader site says they are "the #1 future forecaster in the world"..
    a gif of a typical mikecully post
  2. They have all been inspired by T-Rex and his manipulation of the Moderator(s) ???
  3. Hi roberk,

    First of all, the word vendors is a little too generic for me.

    It includes seminars, book writers, fee-based forums, chat rooms, classes, software, execution platforms et cetera.

    Even websites like CME and CBOT offer fee-based education.

    Therefore, they are all vendors.

    ET one day could become a vendor if it starts charging a few bucks to become a member.

    Yet...back to your question...

    Look at many debates here at ET among traders...

    I've lost count of debates here at ET (current and distant past) in threads like Where Are The ET PermaBears, Journal Threads, Strategy Trading Threads et cetera...

    Where members downplay losing trades, manipulate results, bragging about their backgrounds, bragging about picking the top, bragging about picking the bottom, constant engaging in predicting a specific number in the future, reluctant to discuss strategies while offering plenty of advice and so on.

    Note: I'm not saying every ET member does this. I'm just saying it has a beginning.

    This is how it traders or in those that's only interested in the markets from an academic view.

    It gets instilled regardless if these traders are fulltime, part time, real money, simulator money, academics...whatever.

    Now imagine one of these traders from ET a year from now offering forecast prediction model advisory service for a monthly fee or for free (educational purpose only).

    Guess what the behavior could be like.

    Simply, when we look at those selling something for a fee or offering free advice (both can cause losses)...

    It's a mirror reflection of ET itself.

    Those offering something to others for a fee or free are doing exactly what others are doing that aren't offering anything...

    Just hanging around debating their trades, hyping winners, downplaying lossers, manipulating their past discussions for today's debates, debating their research, clandestine about specifics of their strategies (mechanical or discretionary), trying to convince a particular market thought and so on...

    It's a learned habit.

    Good night all (toddler is back to sleep).

  4. traderob


    I guess it is a learned habit Niha. Hope I never take up that type of "educaton". There are of course many useful vendors. But there seem to be a fair number that look on traders as gullible prey.
    For anyone wondering about Pagetrader,
    According to Vegas Thorton, the owner:
    "PageTrader, Corp (a private Nevada corporation) is the largest futures forecasting service worldwide. PageTrader delivers S&P futures and commodities forecasts in real time using its proprietary Messenger window. ...,

    PageTrader has a product line that is backed by one of the most technically advanced forecasting networks capable of handling the ever-changing demands of the user base. Engineered and operated internally, the advanced network backbone and geographically distributed servers, fed with live data from redundant connections with the trading floors, is the building block supporting the sophisticated infrastructure that catapults the PageTrader product line to professional grade. "
  5. roberk, it is a free trial. Mike does not work for PageTrader but does get paid for promoting it. After speaking with him on the phone, he communicated he posted 2 messages because there was a negative post that stated past performance was not available, and it is on the PageTrader S&P Forecasting website.

    I personally suggested to Baron the product to be added. We did so after having moderators of Elite Trader review the product, and deciding Elite Trader would be a good place to promote.

    Mike also says he cannot post. Is that considered the recourse because he was not able to reply to a submitters review?

    May I ask you post the ratings Mike submitted as I was unaware he submitted one.

    If you see the PageTrader web site you will see I provide the following that differentiate us from the rest.

    A. Free Trial.
    B. Loss and Wins
    C. No promise of wins.
    D. In Internet business since 2001
    E. Partneships with the trading community.
    F. We trade our own signals and have profitable trading statements to prove it.

    So I ask you, please re-consider your removal of the PageTrader product for review.

    If you look through your old Futures Magazine or on the FuturesMag website, you will find paid ads since 2001, and paid leads from futures since 2003.

    Because of our commitment to EliteTrader members I gave past subscribers a full week trial. People who see us in magazines and other sources only receive 1 day.

  6. Additionally, Vegas Thorton is not the owner, rather and employee.
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