Do u think consistent winning every month is achievable?

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  1. hi,

    Do you think winning every month in doing intraday trading is achievable?

    Any experts in intraday trading can comment whether this year is especially favourable for intraday trading based on your experience?
  2. Yes, but that's not really a big deal. Traders do that all the time. Just take a look at the book titled "Market Wizards".
  3. Someone in my office probably has one losing day every 2 weeks or so, so yes, it's definitely achievable.
  4. ... apparently not for you

    worst trade ever

    Here's a question:

    Why the hell do you keep starting these threads? :confused:

    What do you hope to accomplish with these threads that cannot be achieved by your own work, commitment and diligence?

    Do you think anyone here has a magic formula? ... and if they did, would they give it to you? :confused:

    Here's the solution.

    Less blogging, more trading.
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    Not only profitable every month, but every week and every day of the year.
    Not only this is achievable, this is a requirement, if you are a professional trader.
  6. I can see quite a number of positive replies, how long can one maintain this trend of winning every month, will there be a time of disaster?
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    every day of the year? c'mon man.
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  9. LOL

    My reply was the most meaingful one that you received.

    Or would you prefer something like this:

    "While winning everyday is rather difficult because of the constant contraction and expansion of the markets (all of them), it is possible to generate postiive weekly gains for quite some time. The only reason why you would not be able to do so, once you figure-out how, is becasue of a break in discipline.

    Discipline is the key"

    Does that help you more?

    Doubt it.
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    Yes, winning every month is possible and almost is necessary to be successful in trading. Sure, someone may make money 6 months of the year, and lose the other 6 months, so they would be breakeven in the end. However, would you really consider them successful? You have to remember that 95% of traders lose money anyways, so achieving consistent profitability every month can be difficult. Just because most don't do it, doesn't be its impossible or not important.

    The way I see it, you have to come out ahead (or at least not too far behind) each and every month if you are day trading. Almost every week is also important. However, regarding the people that say you have to win everyday, I think that's a bit far fetched. Sometimes you or your method will just not work in certain environments, so its better to accept the losses and walk away rather than dig the hole deeper. So yes, losing days are OK and sometimes welcome. However, the majority of weeks should be profitable, which leads to almost a profit every month.
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