Do 'trick or treater's" still come to your door?

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Trick or Treat....Smell my feet. How many show up at your door?

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  10. I turn my lights out and hide

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  1. how many? and your state and town please...

    Global participation in this poll, not needed, USA only

    I am in Denver, CO. in a secure building in the middle of the city. (I think they should open the door and put candles out, just in case though, but the rural areas would be the most logical for the kids to collect)

    all the stores here in Denver go ALL OUT with costumes and decorations for this time of year. I am beginning to think that Colorado is one of the biggest on this Holiday...

    Michael B.
  2. wow..we have a 28 plus :) I think this holiday could be a lot of fun for the Kids...
  3. In beautiful St. John, IN. they come out in droves. 100+ easy! As a younger man I used to hate it, but now I enjoy watching the little monsters come to the door.
    St. John is about 40 miles S.E. of Chicago for those who care.:D
  4. Nice area.....
  5. ElCubano


    yes...some come wanting candy and others just want me to open the door so they can egg someone... :D but i guess "what comes around goes around" our area you can see hundreds of kids walking ..there could be 30 just at one house at the same florida...the roads...
  6. I cannot believe that there are not more kids at heart so far. Where is your life... ETr's?
  7. Zero. Nestled in the Appalachians. Have to go for a drive to take the little one trick or treating. Just got back as a matter of fact.

  8. Turned out to be a bust, compared to previous years. Got maybe 35-40 kids, tops. Was kinda' cool, low 30's temp. Still a low turnout.
  9. fan27


    had a group of ten show up when I only had two packages of candy left.....I say..

    "who wants money instead?"

    the kids started screaming with joy. They each got 50 cent.

  10. About 200 here, down a little from last year.
    #10     Oct 31, 2006