Do trading education scammers (99.99% of the "industry") ever feel guilty?

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  1. pursuit


    Some of them are older and their death is not far away. Do thoughts about morality and afterlife (or lack thereof) ever enter their brains? Do they look at themselves in the mirror? Or do they laugh at the suckers? Do they have a conscience?

    I wonder how they first got into scamming. Undoubtedly, they tried trading first and failed. Likely got scammed by someone else and then decided that scamming is the name of the game and if they can't beat they should join them?
  2. Xela


    There's a valid point there, doubtless, and you describe some component of the "industry" accurately (if that's what you want to call it), but the validity of your comments is concealed in such extraordinarily exaggerated and strong terms, and such obvious prejudice, that I suspect you won't be persuading many people toward your perspective, that way. o_O

    (And to a cynic like me, that's a shame, because I'm basically on your side of the argument. It's undoubtedly far easier for the unscrupulous to make money as "vendors" than it is as "traders", and I doubt if they ever feel much guilt.)
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  3. algofy


    I don't think scammers feel guilty.
  4. toc


    Trading is like a sword fight where ground under you is tilting at various angles and walls on the side are closing in and out. Extremely difficult and hence a big portion of traders fail.

    Many find it easier to make money selling education related products. However all are not scammers except those who glorify a system and post fake account statements or fake signals even in the live trading rooms.
  5. pursuit


    Yes, I hate them. I don't see an issue with that. They're evil people toying with people's dreams. I hope they all die a horrible death. How's that?
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  6. speedo


    It's a lot easier to teach than to trade, but that doesn't mean all teaching vendors have nothing to offer. The first filter should be to eliminate any showing wads of cash, Italian sports cars, hot babes in bikinis...especially while standing outside a 10,000 sq ft house. So far as conscience goes, scammers and other professional thieves tend toward the sociopathic.
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  7. speedo


    Until and unless an individual takes responsibility for ones own success or failure, said success will be very illusive. If you've been taken, learn from it, dust yourself off and move forward.
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  8. pursuit


    Right. Unless they find Jesus or something, right? They'll just keep scamming til they die.
  9. pursuit


    I haven't been taken personally in any significant way. Because I very quickly figured out that they're 99% scammers. But they wasted my time (years) and made me go down the wrong path. In the end, the way they make you feel that it's all a charade and none of them are actual traders... it's not a good feeling. You feel like a lemming. Like a sheep to be fleeced.
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  10. speedo


    I believe most of us have spent time in the maze, bumping against walls and years is more common than uncommon but angst toward "them" is a waste of psychic energy. Good trading requires optimism, humility and focus. Feelings of revenge and hatred are the wrong kinds of energy. I know I've wasted time and money along the way but it is what it is, The past is done...move forward.
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