Do they make this type of Forex trading platform

Discussion in 'Forex' started by qtip, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. qtip


    Hello all --

    I currenlty have two seperate accounts with two different brokers. Currently, I use each companies execution software to make trades.

    Do you know of any software that will allow me to place trades through their software and have the trades splitt up in the two different accounts.

    Maybe there is a money manager who knows of this?

    Is this even possible?

  2. qtip


    anyone? need help
  3. That's the million-dollar question, tip. The answer: No f-ing way.

    I asked the same when I started trading the spot market, and was practically laughed off the phone. If we could arb those suckers for real, a la REAL ECNs, we'd make all the money.

    Back to the drawing board...
  4. just21


    You want an IB family account, it splits the trades between different sub accounts.
  5. He has accounts a two independent brokers. If he's looking to take all of his business to one place, I'm sure either of them would be happy to set up sub-accounts for him.
  6. qtip


    Yeah, but the account is still with IB. My worries is because of the Refco issue. Have money at different brokerage houses.

    I thought a money manager might be using this type of order entry software so they can execute one trade and then be allocated to different accounts.

    Maybe like a primebroker of some sort.