do they make mini-futures?

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  1. I like futures (for tax reasons and no PDT rule and no wash sale rule) but i'd feel more comfortable trading something smaller. Too easy to lose hundreds on a move against you.

    Are there any brokers that offer like 1/2 size eminis so each tick on the YM is $2.50? That'd be awesome.
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  3. You could trade out-of-the-money options as an alternative. :cool:
  4. lol yeah they're pretty cheap.
  5. I think there used to be a mini-dow that had $2 moves. No one traded it so they axed it.
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    ym is allready the mini-version !
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    You are absolutely right, for most small accounts even 1 future is too large and you can't scale in or out.

    Over here in Europe you can trade CFD's. These are not allowed for US-citizens I believe.

    Usually contracts are for 1 euro per 1 point. No commission, only 2 pt spread.

    You could trade the spy, dia or qqqq based on the futures charts (ES, YM or NQ) as an alternative. That works quite well...
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    Why would you trade the SPY, DIA or QQQQ off the futures charts!? Why not trade them off their own charts?
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    In my experience futures charts are slightly smoother, less fake outs.
  10. You could find the cheapest stock with the highest correlation to the Dow Jones as an alternative. :cool:
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