Do these people deserve to be scammed?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, May 17, 2013.

  1. So if you guys have a facebook page, no doubt you've come across a pic on your wall that says you can get a free ipad and the comment section will say something like this...

    Have you heard? this e-store is not working right. They didn't insert there payment page. I ordered an Ipad and wasn't asked to pay! This is the 2nd I place an order. The first one arrived in the mail already. Hurry before they fix it.

    Now...anyone who visits that site is obviously looking to rip off some e-store for a free ipad. I mean...this site is targeting people with low enough character that also want to rip off a store and get a free ipad.

    I mean its kind of brilliant...they only scam people that are scammers themselves. They are sort of moral criminals. If you are honest, you cant get ripped off. You actually have to want to rip a store off for you to get scammed.

    I love it.
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    Actually it isn't nice to take advantage of ignorant morally starved liberals any more than it is to take advantage of more intelligent people.