Do these future contracts exist?

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    "The dairy contracts trade "by appointment" only. You'll have to wait atleast 4 weeks before being able to establish a position."

    YES, for someone with 1000 posts a mysterious post from nazzdack ...completely inaccurate....He should know better.
    Instead of educating us with basic contract specs...I would rather read and learn from your personal insights. And yes, Nazz leave the contract spec info to google.....

    ET is just another form of google except the search provides personal experiences and insights....Kool
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  3. BERNARD111--------In December, I'm gonna send you a Christmas/Hannukah/Ramadan/Boxing Day gift card...........probably from "SBUX" or "HD".
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  4. MERCOR--------I'm going to educate you right now about the dairy contracts......(1) Don't trade them at all because of their illiquidity. I don't care if you work for Dean's, Nestle', Kraft or FieldCrest, don't trade them. (2) Having monthly contract listings 2, 3 or 4 years into the future is of no value when nobody cares about the front month. (3) The contracts being listed on the GLOBEX platform for round-the-clock trading is of no value when nobody cares about them to begin with. If anything, their trading hours should be no more than 1 hour per day. That way, you can get any business taken care of within a narrow time frame and then go off and trade eMinis.
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  5. Got milk?

    There is a reason, there waayy down the bottom of listed contracts, barchart .com has them.
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