Do these future contracts exist?

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  1. I know most of the ag futures like:

    corn, cotton, sugar, wheat, coffee, pork bellies, soy beans and

    oranges. But what about fut contracts for milk..cheese..chicken...I

    could name more but I never herd of a contract for these least not here on ET.

  2. Prices of those commodities are highly correlated to livestock feed: corn, beans... there's no need for those futures, just trade the grains.
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    I find it hard to believe someone with so much interest in finacials and futures and with 1000 posts would ask these silly questions.
    You would think at somepoint in learning how to invest or trade you would have stumbled across this info.

    Or just google "milk futures contracts" study the links, then come back and give us some refreshing insights. One insight might be "if we have corn futures why do we need milk futures? hmmm
  5. The dairy contracts trade "by appointment" only. You'll have to wait atleast 4 weeks before being able to establish a position.
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    Another mysterious 1000+ poster. 4 weeks?...since contracts expire monthly, makes it hard to trade...

    you need to make an appointment with google and

    all these are now traded on globex 24 hours a day....very low volume ...but tradable
  7. Mercor.........his personal motto & answer to any question is "Just Google It".
  9. 'mysterious?... nazzdack is one of the most respectable posters here.
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