Do the right thing this Tuesday, vote Democratic.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dddooo, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Help restore the system of checks and balances intended by our Founding Fathers, you'll be proud you did.

    "This election is indeed about George W. Bush — and the Congressional majority’s insistence on protecting him from the consequences of his mistakes and misdeeds. Mr. Bush lost the popular vote in 2000 and proceeded to govern as if he had an enormous mandate. After he actually beat his opponent in 2004, he announced he now had real political capital and intended to spend it. We have seen the results. It is frightening to contemplate the new excesses he could concoct if he woke up next Wednesday and found that his party had maintained its hold on the House and Senate."
  2. Treasonous!

    The mere suggestion is treasonous that people begin to think for themselves and not allow the Rush Limbaughs, the Ann Coulters, the Sean Hannitys of the world tell them what to think!

    How dare you suggest the sheeple vote in public servants rather than maintain the current oligarchy!

  3. Yeah, you're better off listening to some deranged asswipe who spends his entire life on the internet cutting and pasting worthless drivel.

    LOL really are a stupid fuck. :D :D :D
  4. Yes, you really are a pathetic troll...

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  6. So basically you're saying let the NY Times and the liberal media tell you how to vote instead of Rush. Whatever.

    There is nothing in the Constitution that suggests having different parties control the congress and presidency is a good or bad thing. Considering how thin the Republican majorities have been, they really have not been in control. Control on various issues have rested with swing groups, typically moderates lead by McCain.

    I find it ironic that the House may change control because of dissatisfaction with Bush and the administration. Arguably the Republican House has been a bigger thorn in Bush's side than the Senate. The House spiked his immigration plan and forced him and the Senate to adopt their enforcement position. The opposition to the Dubai ports deal came from the House. Likewise, other than Sen. Tom Covurn of Oklahoma, virtually all calls for spending restraint have come from the House side.
  7. Rush gives a point of view, as does NYT.

    The difference is one requires the ability to read and think to understand....

  8. Yes, you really are a pathetic troll...

  9. So what about those who do not listen to Rush, Hanitty, Coulter, etc. and still vote for Bush/Rebublicans?

    How do they fit into you categorization of voters?
  10. A vote for the neocon ticket is a vote for Pedophilia, corruption and a culture of IM-morality.

    Dumb voters keep on saying how "fed up" they are with the culture of corruption in Washington, yet these retards forget "Washington" .... "is run by a Neocon majority"!! :D
    #10     Nov 5, 2006