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    FBI files and private investigators + super delegates.

    Get the picture?
  3. On Larry King Ron Reagan just brought up what i believe she is doing,destroying Obama so that he will lose to McCain and she can run again 2012

    Shes knows she cant win the nomination unless Obama is caught in a major scandal

    Hilarys game is for Obama to lose to McCain.If Obama beats McCain and has a decent presidency he runs again in 2012.if Obama has 2 good terms his vice president runs in 2016

    If Obama beats McCain ,Clinton's dreams for the presidency are over.she knows that and her campaign is campaigning for McCain by destroying Obama

    Obama really needs to get tough on this bitch,she is such a hypocrite

    Hilary attacks Obama about Rev Wright and Bill Ayers and his terrorist group,But Hilary and Bill got counseling from Jeremiah Wright after the Lewinsky scandal and Bill Clinton Pardoned 2 convicted members if bill ayers least bill ayers wasn't convicted of any crime,while her husband freed 2 convicted members of the group from jail

    Obama is trying to take the high road and not attack her back,but nice guys finish last.
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    That is plan two. Plan one is to win by any means necessary.
  5. So far that isn't working

    I don't really think she wants the nomination this year.she is to far behind and has to steal it from Obama or a major scandal needs to unfold

    If shes steals the nomination,she losses the black vote,a vote that every democrat needs to win

    McCain even knows this, that is why is now going to black areas trying to get on the good side of African Americans,so that they just don't just stay home if Hilary steals it,but that he gets some of that vote

    African Americans will be pissed if she steals it,many blacks will vote for McCain

    Hilary will lose alot of support if shes steals it.she has a better chance in 2012 saying i told you so with the Us still in Iraq and what ever other war mad man McCain will have started
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    Even with 50/50 split it will be up to Superdelegates .

    Get the picture?
  7. I hope they have capes. It would be no fun if the superdelegates dont have capes.
  8. and don't forget florida and michigan.... i can see those going to court. what the "power players" want is chaos at the convention. then they can usher in the great one.
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    Now thats funny.

    I just burst out laughing in the middle of my meeting - good one acronym
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    I think Hillary is hoping that between now and the convention, enough dirt comes out on Obama that some of the party leaders will re-think their support for him. It's really her only chance. She has to show them that Obama can't win against McCain.
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