Do the analysts even understand football?

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Were the penalties what beat the GB vs Bears?

  1. Yes, and it is not a sign of otherwise poor footbal.

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  2. No. The penalties are a sign they were getting beat at the respective positions.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


    The analysts are at it again. So, the GB Packers lost to the Bears because they commited so many penalties. Did it ever occur to them that the penalties are a result of being beaten on the play? No hold, QB gets sacked, no defensive pass interference, pass completion, no false starts, Peppers beats you to the QB and gets sacked, etc etc etc....|aim|dl4|sec1_lnk3|173741

    BTW, Don't mess with the Bears linebackers! :cool:
  2. I would think it should be implied that "penalties cost GB the game" means "GB was outplayed and had to resort to penalties".

    Are you trying to say the analysts are claiming it was the referees?
  3. nitro


    The former!
  4. Hello


    Some penalties are more a sign that a team is beating you then others. There was alot of false start penalties which are unacceptable, plus there was a couple roughing the passer calls, as well as an personal foul, when that GreenBay guy tried to take the ball from the chicago player when the play was dead. Those penalties basically mean a team is shooting themselves in the foot, not that they are being outplayed. One of the sacks on cutler the guy led with his helmet, and cutler ended up getting picked on the throw but the play was negated for the helmet to helmet. If that guy goes 6 inches lower on Cutler the play stands and that is a huge game changer, as im pretty sure chicago scored a touchdown on that drive.

    On pass interference and offensive holding calls though it means that you got beat, and the play would have probably ended in a sack, or a big play downfield (in the case of pass interference)

    With that said, you are still shooting yourself in the foot with those 2 calls because the reciver is not going to catch the ball 100% of the time, and the quarterback isnt going to get sacked 100% of the time. This Especially holds true if you have a guy as mobile as AAron Rodgers, you should be doing everything in your power not to get called for holding, because he has proven he is very elusive.

    Most ways you try to interpret that game greenbay outplayed the bears, but the only thing that counts in the end is the scoreboard, and thats the beauty of the game.

    It was good to see Hester getting it done again, if it wasnt for that guy getting him in the open field he would have had 2 punt return touchdowns, 9 times out of 10 Hester beats that guy in the open field so it was good to see him get the touchdown later in the game.

    It was definately an exciting monday nighter.
  5. LEAPup


    I'd watch many more games if the commentary was cut way back!

    A, I mean guy I know:D says he turns the sound off as he monitors games.
  6. Nordic


    For Sunday games, especially if you bet games, Comcast's NFL Redzone is fantastic. They just keep switching to any games were the teams are in the redzone.
  7. BSAM



    Let me ask this question another way...

    At their next meeting, if you had to bet $10,000, which team would you bet on? (And, let's say you got to make the bet today.)
  8. helen82


    In my opinion, the penalties are signs they were getting beat at the respective positions.
  9. nitro



    Well they meet again in Jan at Lambo. Maybe we should make a (gentlemens) bet...
  10. nitro


    You obviously watched the game. If two teams are more or less evenly matched, it is almost always the intangibles that win games.

    When the Bears force turnovers, they are almost impossible to beat. I seriously thought Erlacher was dunzo last year. He is intensely back, running like a safety and clearly not playing in pain as he wacks you when he hits you and is squaring off on you. He is so critical because the Bears DL is average at best, which means your MLB has to stop the run.

    Without a QB, the Bears had to score 14 points from their special teams + defense. If Cutler and company can get accurate and consistant, this is a SB contending team.

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