Do Tax Holidays help create jobs?

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Do Tax Holidays help create jobs?

  1. Yes. They help, although questionable over long term.

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  2. No. It is just a gift. CEO, says, caching! Thank you very much.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


  2. NO! What part of supply/demand do these idiots not get? Even if you gave every company $1Trillion dollars free cash, they would not hire anyone unless they needed someone to do a job. The only way to create the demand for a job, is to increase demand for the products and/or services that company offers.
  3. where is the "yes they help." option without any caveats? that's what i would have checked.

    as is the companies keep billions of dollars of profit they made overseas overseas because if they brought them home they'd have to pay taxes again at the highest corporate tax rate in the world (once japan lowers theirs). give them a tax holiday and they'll bring the money back to the states. while it is abroad it is impossible for it to create jobs, once it gets back here it is impossible for it not to create jobs.

    even if the companies sit on the money, sitting on it reduces interest rates for everyone which is a good thing when it occurs naturally and not from fed intervention.
  4. Business ought to tell Odumbo...

    1. We're not hiring anybody until Obamacare is repealed

    2. We're not hiring anybody until the tax code is revamped and tax rates are slashed all around.

    Odumbo's pompous Administration needs to kiss some ass...
  5. Don't forget about:

    3. We're not hiring anybody until Dodd-Frank is repealed
  6. The tax holiday that was signed into law in 2004 was a boom for Merck. It brought back $15 billion in 2005 and ya know what they happened next?

    -- Month after the repatriation, Merck unveiled plans to cut 7000 jobs

    -- bought back stock

    -- bought back debt

    Facts and reality have a liberal bias.
  7. The private sector is not a union - why not slash when you should?

    Which is awesome for almost everyone (including union guys) - since Merck is widely held in 401ks, pension funds, etc.

    No. Feeling has a liberal bias. Reality doesn't care.
  8. LOL did you even read the topic title?:eek: :p :)
  9. Nitro is intellectually dishonest. He knows what he is doing. He does it all the time.
  10. There is no fix any longer. The structural damage has been done and the two year "helium high" of all the stimulus, bailout, QE's has lost its efficacy. Beneath the surface, nothing changed, just the rate of decline slowed because there was a temporary boost in CONfidence associated with idiots seeing asset prices rising again. Since nobody can remember a year in the past, and everyone only worries about how we get thru the next week, the problems will literally never go away.

    The level of denial and delusion is simply astounding. Such a small fraction of people seem to understand just how deeply rooted the problems are in this economy. None of this "quick fix" bullshit will work. Period.
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