do stocks go up every fortnight. when 401K contributions are rolled in

Discussion in 'Trading' started by darwin666, May 28, 2009.

  1. I have a simple question? Do any fellow traders make it a point to time trades. so that the millions of 401K contributions which mostly go into mutual funds which in turn are all LONG( i dont think there is a 401K which allows you to go short ? is there?)

    hence does anyone monitor and for example play with the trend. or short it shortly after the money is factored in.

    I assume 401K contributions are always net positive.. or may be a balancing into cash but overall still positive .
    any link where I can see the net USA total 401K added in each forthnight/ year
  2. 1) End-of-the-month window-dressing.
    2) Beginning-of-the-year influx.
    3) April-14th procrastinators.
    4) End-of-the-quarter movement.
    5) End-of-the-first half and second-half of the year movement.
    6) End-of-the-year tax-selling and bargain-hunting.
    7) (2) and (6) comprise the "January Effect". :cool: