Do something about inandlong

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by kgharris, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. PLEASE.

    He is like a little dictator deleting threads he does not like or agree with. He cares more about defending MM and GG than ensuring these forums are beneficial to ET.

    inandlong does a truly fantastic job here on ET. The guy's a SAINT for God sakes! Get off his back and let him do his job skippy!

  3. defending me?! he wasn't defending me. i can take care of myself. you're no match for me.

    anyway, i will agree, however, that the thread should not have been deleted. :-/

    when stuff like this happens, it makes me not want to say anything. maybe that's what they want. :-/

  4. Leave Brother inandlong alone, cageyharris... Brother inandlong is a True Brother...
  5. nitro


    I have begun to notice this as well.

    MM has started yet another thread on the same thing he has posted 25 five times now in different threads. I suggested to inandlong that this crap be kept in one place in a journal.

    I have sent him several "complain" messages about the guy, and the thread still stands...


  6. Hmmmmmmmm,

    Well my guess is you don't run inandlong or say what the rest of us get to read.
  7. hmmmmmmm,

    interesting the way this "ignore" function works LOL :p

    ps too slow to delete nitro, i caught you reading my posts .. LMAO!
  8. dbphoenix


    Speaking of inandlong and his competence as a moderator, I wonder how much longer the Mr. Market thread will be encouraged to continue?
  9. uhhh some us us have known inandlong for over 2 years, he is by far one of the best moderators ET has...I for one will support him to the end...he is a top notch classy gentlemen!

    rttrader -
  10. dbphoenix


    But with, unfortunately, no taste.
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