Do shielded cables make a differences?

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  1. This question is directed at you nice more techincally inclined folks than myself.

    I am making some minor config changes on my at home local network. I will be moving my router and cable modem from my desktop to the basement and the smart jack connections so that I can have workstations in more than on room. None of my computer currently support wireless nor do I have a desire to go wireless at this point due to a number of factors I have read about.

    My question......should I order shielded cables for my trading workstation? Should I order the more expensive cat 6 or just use 5e like I am now. I think I just use unshielded 5e now but I am not sure? How can I tell? One of my runs will be 50-75ft, the one for my trading computer.

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  2. I am not sure...I think it depends if you are coiling it together with other sensitive cables...
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    No, they likely wont make a difference unless you are having problems. Cat 5e is fine for that kind of run length
  4. does this issue have anything to do with linedrop? Isn't shielding a transmission issue?
  5. You two are raising some additional good points, hmm will have to think this through.
  6. don't printer cables have heavy shielding? looks like tinfoil? hmmm...wonder if you could wrap tinfoil around each cable..


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  7. Heavens to Betsy, are going to get us sued..

  8. No worries Savants' I take personal responsibility for all of my actions! :D

    Remember the foil rabbit ears of the 70's? I am a just old enough to recall those days.
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