Do scientists ever consider the possibilities, or do they just do stuff w/o thinking?

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    CERN is getting ready to start up the worlds most powerful atom smasher and hopes to learn secrets of the universe! Oooooohhhh!

    Obviously anyone who knows me, knows I dont subscribe to the big bang theory, but lets say for a second I did. Lets say, I believe the universe started from a tiny singularity and exploded into the entire universe with the force and energy never seen before. is my favorite line in that article...

    "But CERN now wants to reach 7.0 TeV to try to recreate conditions close to the Big Bang, and run it at those levels for 18 to 24 months"

    Now...does anyone else see something wrong with this? In the big bang...there was a big explosion. Scientists want to recreate these Earth. Call me crazy, but wouldnt a big bang most likely wipe out everything within a few million light years?

    According to scientists, temperatures during the big bang were so hot that particles moved at relativistic speeds. So...lets create those conditions shall we? I mean...even though scientists have no idea what really was happening during the big bang and its all a bunch of theorys, lets f*** around with it and see what happens? Whats the WORST that could happen if you believe in the big bang? I mean besides getting temperatures so hot that they burn through other particles and keep going like one of those fires in California that they have every year.
  2. These conditions are created every day when high energy cosmic rays strike atoms in the atmosphere.

    And yes, I do believe they have given the matter a little thought.
  3. Peilthetraveler, if you die in the CERN explosion, maybe you did not try enough to worship god. Like the baby when the vulture is ready to eat him, you said maybe those people did not try hard enough.
  4. Wow, this is almost like climate change deniers who says lets f*** around with it and see what happens, except of course, the deniers would do the experiment on a global scale while these know nothing scientist are doing it one atom at a time.
  5. You might want to read a couple links I'll provide. For one, they are no where near capability of running a full experiment. That won't happen until 2013. Having done a little research on it, I really don't think there is any threat. From what I've read and heard they would have to build a collider much larger than what they've got to pose any real threat. I mean MUCH larger, like the size of our planet larger.
  6. Its depends how much in grants they can get. Its just business to them.
  7. your just worried they may disprove your "god hypothesis"

    look at the downside.. you get to meet your maker sooner :D
  8. Aren't they just trying to bust a nucleus or fuse a couple together? Not trying to reinvent the Universe or any thing like that...

  9. A religious nut trying to discredit scientists...never goes well for the religious nut.

    You think these scientists are going to reproduce the big bang and well explode? Are you gullible or just plain stupid?

    I'm sure the scientists there have sat down for a minute or two and thought about what they're doing...
  10. nah there just trying to bust a nut :D
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