Do scalpers bother keeping trade logs anymore?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by prox, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. prox


    Say, average of 20-40 trades per day.

    I'm finding becoming cumbersome and almost trivial at this point.
  2. I don't. never did. I do look at the aggregate results. But then, I'm not really a scalper.
  3. prox


    Do you keep any logs?

    Maybe just win percentage and net profits ?
  4. I tend to look more at days than at individual trades. Win days vs. loss days, net win day %'s, gross win day %'s, etc. Everything is logged as far as transactions are concerned, and I can 'data mine' later if I like...however I tried that and it did what you might think: confirmed what I already knew.

    I thought you meant 'journal', as in, 'why I took this trade.' I keep one going during the day, but not about each individual trade. Just about the general feel of things, a particularly good or bad fill, rants, etc.
  5. bobcathy1

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    I used to keep a log, but it got ridiculous. My trading software keeps track of all that if I really want to know.
    This year I would rather not.
  6. prox


    Yeah, i meant a log..

    to me, it's an excel spreadsheet with:

    date in
    date out
    price in
    price out
    net profits

    thanks for the replies.