Do Republicans Belieave there is a hole in the ozone layer?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Aug 21, 2006.

do you belieave in the hole in the ozone layer

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  1. Even with photographic proof the republicans fail to aknowledge there is a hole in the ozone layer. Is this because most republicans nowaday are fundamentalist christians and believe that only god can affect the world. Not humans. But the most hypocritical part is that these republicans still force there little babies to wear sun lotion to protect from UV rays. how hypocritical, if you belieave in what you say, why are you protecing your children?
  2. No it is because Republican's smell an Enviro-Scam from the start. The "Hole at the Pole" gets larger and smaller on a cyclical basis and No One knows what causes the fluctuations. If you want to help society send money to feed and care for the poor, don't give it to a bunch of windbag college profs looking to experience Antarctica on your dime. Wake-up and smell the scam.
  3. Holmes


    same as the scam that the earth was not flat?

    same as the scam that the earth was not the centre of the universe?

    same as the global warming scam of 20 odd years ago?

    go and live in New Zealand and see the increase in skin cancer....

    ostrich approach: stick your head in the ground and then you cannot see it so it does not exist?

    hope you do not apply the same reasoning to trading "it are only paper losses since I am still in the trade"....


  4. Of course there is an increase in skin cancer. Fifty years ago people didn't spend all day laying out in the sun to get a tan. Also skin cancer is far more easily detected and cured now than just twenty years ago. There has been an explosion in the rates of all forms of cancer, it has to do with detection not more actual occurrence.

    The flat earth and solar system theories were never scientific debates but religious ones. The fact they were rejected had to do with the Catholic Church not wanting to vanquish political power in the light of science. So go ahead and believe all the global warming, and ozone scares you want it's only the liberals taxing your gullibility.
  5. By the way thirty years ago, I was being taught about the coming Ice Age, and that fossil fuels were derived from decaying dinosaurs. Yep those "scientists" sure do have it all figured out.

  6. and Pluto was a planet back then too LOL!...also, The US would be totally Metric by 1980, Japan was a model of economic prosperity and 2/3rds of the world will have HIV by 2000.
  7. You're still spelling the word "believe" wrong.
  8. No more hypocritical then liberals who claim to look out for the future of children then endorse any and all types of abortion, including Partial birth Abortions that shove a stunt through the back of a babies head while half the body is still inside the so called 'mother'

    Psst..Between you and me...Id rather be a sunblock hypocrite.