Do Reporters Frontrun for Hedgies????

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  1. Never before have we been able to bring you proof of such goings on that we believed is SOP. However, the Deepcapture boys received a present courtesy of some very highly paid counsel for the opposition who, let's say, were less than diligent.

    Read this. Study it. I find it hard to believe she did if for free, and will do my very best to be sure the IRS checks it out. Such a delightful cherub deserves her place in the sun.

    And the next time you see a news story on a heavily shorted stock, especially one by a big name hedge fund manager, ask yourself the question, 'is it real, or is it a set up?" Interesting, isn't it, that when the story comes out, the stock is always on the hard to borrow list. What a coincidence............

    PS. I understand there are oodles upon oodles of goodies in this bag of sunshine. Stay tuned, and I'll put them right here for you.

    Also, in a week or so, they'll be doing a big piece on the Mastermind of this clusterfuck that spun us into this hole.

    My brothers and I thank you for your support.
  2. Recall as you read this alarming story that Richard Sauer was a former SEC Enforcement Attorney who admittedly (NY Times Op-Ed) took cases based on tips from Marc Cohodes and David Rocker. Also recall that Chairman Chris Cox shut down subpoena’s against members of the financial media regarding investigations into an enterprise that included the financial media, David Rocker, and Gradient Analytics.

    For me, and I have heard some of the forthcoming evidence, I can’t wait to see more about a criminal enterprise of financial terrorism that has existed without enforcement for decades. The criminal enterprise consisted of stealing hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars in market capitalization from our US Capital markets and being protected by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

    In 2003 I initiated a web site and a petition to , today the Chairman of the SEC has asked for such an investigation and yet today the Chairman is not even aware of this shoe that is about to drop.

    Dave Patch
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    I'm sure it is widespread, and that other reporters are much smarter about how they communicate.

    Some interesting stuff about JC in the original Deep Capture piece. Would love to see that exposed further.

    and now, I'll remind you that, in 2006, the SEC had initiated an investigation against Gradient analytics, and then subpoenaed Greenberg and Cramer.

    The SF office was overridden by Linda Chatman Thomsen. The Gradient Investigation was dropped, as were the subpoenas served on Greenberg and Cramer.

    Stay tuned. Some current CNBC guests are about to show up with no clothes on.

    and to the previous poster, no they arent' any smarter. You see, in the hayday, they knew they controlled the police. So they were very, very sloppy. You are about to see. You are about to see.
  5. All in good time.

  6. The truth is Byrne is lying to his shareholders. There has never been any hint whatsoever that OSTK is, or ever will be, a going concern. It hasn't generated an annual profit since ... when? Certainly never a consistent profit.

    We need 'enterprises' to offset the positive BS CEOs constantly spew about their stock. Why is it that efforts to publicize negative aspects are criminal, but positive nonsense is ... not?

    OSTK will never be a going concern and will lose money again in 2009, just as it has done every year. So poor Jack is dependent on constantly raising more money from unwitting investors via secondary offerings. That is the dishonestly, and where the SEC should be looking.

    And they should be looking at how fly-dude fits into THAT enterprise.
  7. You are on the take Fly ... the jig is up.

    Byrne needs to raise more cash via secondary offering, and you are just a pawn (paid???) in his effort to lift OSTK share price so he can get a better price, in order to continue investing in a company that perpetually generates negative returns.

    That's where the arrest warrants should be served.
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    As I see it, there is a war going on between the banks and the hedge funds. The hedgies crossed the line when they started shorting C and GS.

    If the SEC actually starts investigating this kind of stuff it isn't because they suddenly saw the light, it is because the banks have more political firepower and are swooping in for the kill.
  9. First of all, to serve warrants, the Feds need to go to a judge and get a subpoena. If the Subpoena reveals evidence of wrongdoing, they go back to th Judge and get a warrant.

    Next, before you accuse somebody of what you accuse me of, you'd better have some facts. I don't care if you live in Asia, or what. But if you're that interested, subpoena me. PLEASE. But remember this. If I show you mine, I get to see yours. I've nothing to hide. I'm pretty sure the other side isn't so pure.

    Third, to totally discredit you, we again show hard evidence and you spin it off topic.

    And if it makes you feel any better, I do not get paid. Some of us do things for a better purpose. I'm sure you're not burdened by conscious. Congratulations.

    Stay tuned. Some of your heroes are about to show up with no clothes.

    And if I recall, you run a hedgefund. So you tell me. These guys who are lauded as such geniuses........ why do they need to pay reporters to crush the stocks they are short? Is that talent.?

    Oh. And who crushed the economy? Ostk and Patrick? Or could it be the hedgefunds, investment banks, and crooked regulators?

    Just asking.

    And thanks for the vitriole. It'll get the hits up on this thread, and when we post the good stuff, we'll have more views. 'Appreciate it.
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