Do real prop firms still exist?

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    Are there any true equity prop firms still out there where you can trade 100% firm capital?
  2. Use the search function. This has been discussed about 100 times. The answer is that for 99% of the people the answer is "No".
  3. This has been covered in depth and anyone who asks that question likely doesn't have the pedigree (10+ years of trading profits) to walk into an actual shop and be given trading capital with no strings and no guarantee for the firm. Just ask yourself the question, would you give someone who "claims" to be a great trader you trading capital to trade for you?

    So, the only choice for 99.9% of the people is to go with a prop shop where you need to put up a risk deposit to get additional trading capital. Go with the reputable firms that are discussed on this site like Bright Trading, Maverick Trading, Echo, JC, etc. Just saying these firms have a good history of on time payouts and returning capital to traders but your trading success is up to you.

    Good luck
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    Thank you for the replies. I started my day trading career at Schonfeld in 1992. I have been a day trader/desk leader/algorithmic designer for over 20 years. I am however new to this site; so I did not know that my question had been discussed before. I will revise the question. For the 1/10th of 1% of traders out there; are there any real prop firms left that put up 100% of the trading capital. Thank you. yechiel
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    Hey Yechiel. I remember you from linkedin.

    A lot of props give special deals to experienced traders such as yourself. I don't know if those deals entail 100% firm capital, but you will have to write a few e-mails to find out.

    Kershner Trading is one firm that has a breakout like this. If you made +1M last year you can speak to their head of trading directly.

    You'll have to hunt around. Schonfeld is a good name, especially during the time that you were there. Good luck.
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  7. didnt you make enough money yet to retire from this rat race?
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    Didn't you?
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    Thank you for the responses. Just as a note. Kershner told met that they would not accept me as a remote trader. (I now live in Israel). Schonfeld; (where I began in 1992 and worked for several years); has gone from over 1000 day traders to 48. They are really focused on automated systems now. As far as SMB; I took your link and applied. Thank you........Thank G-D; I am still doing this after 20 years; but no, I have not been able to retire yet....I still love the numbers and I have also been working on a large scale automated system based on my strategy. If anybody out there would like to see the executive summary; send me an email to Thanks again
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