Do prop shops have traders that only trade options?

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  1. For the main prop firms typically talked about here at ET (Bright, Echo, etc, etc) are there any that have options only traders? Very curious to know how the options side would work at a prop shop that is mostly filled with Equities traders.

    TIA! :)
  2. Yeah there's a scam known as Riverbank. You can go there everyday and tell your family and friends you have a job...that's bout it.
  3. hilarious video....thx for sharing.

    I believe Optiver is a prop firm that deals with options. Not sure though.
  4. Thanks for that info! :)
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    VTrader...Echo...Cassandra Group...Ronin...DRW...Simplex.....
    Cornerstone. I'm sure there are 20 more.
  6. OK great.....I thought this may be the case but I have never seen anyone mention this here at the forums before (traders working mainly options trades at Equity Prop shops).
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    There are tons of threads on it. Do a search. It gets asked at least once a month. Honestly, there are probably more option prop firms then equities. Equities are slowly becoming extinct.
  8. Yes it definitely seems the Equities side game is in decay.....I know several traders who were very profitable (Assent, Genesis) up until last year. They have all moved on to futures for the most part.
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    Onyx Equity Traders is a Proprietary Trading Firm that Specializes in Options Trading. Many Traders on Elite Traders site expressed opinions on Onyx but I've never seen an actual person who's traded with the firm say anything against them. I trade with them and most traders make about 8 to 15% per month the good thing is they allow you to trade remotely after training and meet weekly online for staff meetings.
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