Do prop firms help build your name?

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  1. I searched and really couldn't find anything like this. Anyone who trades at a prop outfit, please let me know.

    Reading many of the threads on the prop trading on this site, it seems like leverage and profit split for most people. I'm looking more for recognition for thrashing the indexes. Do prop trading outfits publicise results? Or is just "ok, good job, here's your profit, bye." ?? $$$-wise, I'm perfectly happy trading my own account, but nobody is ever going to know about my results.

    Any suggestions for someone trying to make/build a name for themselves? The very long-term goal in the future would be to have a private fund, or trade for hefty performance fees.
  2. guess not.. all about the money. Probably best I just trade my own accounts.
  3. very cool jessica. Sounds like you were working for a company and now on your own. First-hand stories are always the best. I'll just stick to trading my own account. No headaches that way.

    I keep track the results here: (higher TF)
    (small TF)

    I wish they had something like myfxbook for other platforms. I love checking out other peoples' performance too! :)
  4. thanks, great suggestion!
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    Are you looking to trade other peoples money, is that why you are seeking recognition?
  6. dealmaker, maybe the OPM later on. This is what I'm getting at. You have to have a name and good performance for anyone to ever let you manage their money. Recognition, hell yeah. These guys in the media make 30% a year and people are awestruck and throw their cash at these guys.
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    just put your P & L on twitter everyday....and build some relationships on twitter, people will notice!
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    There are services like RAPA and Mercenary Trader that will assist you with that, at a cost. If you search Elitetrader, you will find their contact information.

    ps I am not associated with them
  9. very cool dealmaker. I'll definitely check them out. Thanks.

    I like putting pips/ticks on the net and let the curious people try to guess how much I'm using. I kind of explained why someplace else in a long-winded post about having two governments sending me notices. But if everyone here just puts the P&L, I'll scale back :D and put the P&L.
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    lol which government sent u notices? if u dont want to explain again, post the link to the other message!

    sounds like venezuela or argentina type stuff! I would say Cuba, but I bet they dont even allow trading in Cuba!
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