Do politicians trust each other?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by nutmeg, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Do we trust politicians? Imo, probably not.Which makes me wonder do politicians trust each other? Probably not,I might so far as to say, they probably do not even like each other.

    Anyone have a list of politcians who like Harry Reid or Pelosi or Schumner? Maybe in the professional sense they might go along to get along but do they hang out with each other in their free time?

    Anyone think Obama trusts members of his own party? He doesn't seem to converse with his cabinet much.

    Now if you were elected, would your most trusted advisor be another politican? Maybe Bush picked Cheney because he is a corporate guy, more likely be trustworthy than another politician. Say what you want about business men, they can't lie their way to the top. They can lie when they get to the top but not on the way up.

    How far would a CEO get if he "waffled" on goals? CEO's don't take polls on how to run their operations/goals.
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    Lol, if only that were true.

    That's because the top goal is always the same. The means change constantly, too constantly.
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    It sounds like Obama is just coasting in office. They say he doesn't talk much to Democrats or Republicans. Just his close nit little circle. It makes his perspective very narrow.
  4. Cheney a corporate guy?? The guy was a part of the Nixon Administration along with Rumsfeld.