Do Platinum Prices always follow Gold Prices?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by jay42, Sep 16, 2005.

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    Does Platinum move in accord with Gold?

    Also: Are there any equities that represent platinum? Either an ETF or some kind of investment trust like StreetTRACKS Gold?
  2. Platinum is not only a precious metal, but has also industrial demand (catalysts). Important Platinum miners are AAPTY, IMPUY, LMI. You will find more informations on .
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    Thank you both for the quick responses.

    killATwill - it looks like your link is to a secure member login-area. If you can use a free pic host like
    maybe that would help us to see it.

    Is there a chart showing the price of gold vs. price of platinum over time? that might show if there's a more obvious parallel.
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    Any more thoughts on this please?
  5. No. Platinum and palladium (sister metals found together in minute amounts near nickel deposits) have important uses in the manufacture of catalytic converters and also fuel cells, which is a huge growth market.

    They are much scarcer than gold and have a much higher demand for industrial applications.

    As a member of the precious metal family there price will most likely rise and fall to some degree in line with inflationary pressures.

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    You decide. I've attached a quick and dirty Excel comparison from May 1985 to date.

  7. looking at that chart, it actually appears that Gold follows Platinum, not the other way around.