Do people's attitudes to others reflect how they feel about themselves and their life

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Cutten, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. Cutten


    This question was inspired by another thread. Some guy posted that he was a teacher doing a school project, taking kids to a trading pit to show them how open outcry markets work. Two responses stuck out - the actually came right at the same time:

    ET member A:

    "There is no reason to be wasting time on teaching high school students any aspect of 'futures trading'. They can learn that stuff when they get to their 40's. Totally pathetic.

    Teach them how to read, write, and contribute to the good of society. A Catholic Church school no less: this makes me sick !!"

    ET member B:

    "Great project and good luck. A field trip in high school to the CBOT cemented my desire to trade down there and just 2 years later I was working as a runner before becoming a local at age 22. Nothing gives one a better understanding of a two sided auction market than open outcry. While I in no way feel responsible for the cretins on this board, I apologize for those who mocked your noble intentions. If you need additional folks please PM me."

    I won't name names, but to me if I saw this in isolation I would think that person A is probably pretty miserable with their life, whereas person B seems reasonably happy and positive in their outlook. They were both replying to another person, but I found it interesting how their treatment of a stranger seemed to reflect their own personality and life situation.

    Seriously, in life would you prefer to deal with people like person A or person B?
  2. ElCubano


    pretty stupid of you to ask such a dumb question.....:p
  3. yayt


    I agree completely - I don't know what really elicits those kinds of responses. Obviously, Person B would be someone I would not only rather deal with, but would probably enjoy it a lot more.

    While the attitude of A does not surprise me, at least from my time reading these boards, I kind of wish it did.
  4. B, no question. I'd walk on the other side of the street to stay away from A.
  5. WTF!?

    Person "A" is voicing personal opinion.
    Person "B" is voicing personal experience.

    One is PERSONALLY factual, one is PERSONALLY thought to be true.

    YOU PERSONALLY prefer people who have no personal opinions that differ from yours!

    I understand the gist of question, but y'all have extrapolated it to the point of stupidty, IMO... The Hadron collider will destroy the world because it is located in Europe.

  6. Damn guys!!! Give me a break. I realized the error of my original reply to the school principal, apoligized and explained what I was thinking when I overreacted.

    I'm really not all that bad. My life and my trading are doing just fine. I always get a little short-tempered at election time because I'm a liberal, I fret over superstitions guiding voters and my team always loses. I mean no harm and have the best intentions for all.
  7. Cutten


    Since person B has many opinions different from my own (in fact, I have never met someone who shares my personal opinions about everything, or even most things), I disagree.
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    To be fair I did try to delete this thread, but unfortunately it seems like you can't delete first posts on ET :)

    Mods please lock/delete this one!
  9. No poblem at all.

    As I have said in past posts, I completely respect your opinions. Don't always agree, but often I do. You have certainly never shown hostlity or blantant disrepect for people and I DO get indignant far too often.