do people still make big bucks day trading stocks?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TGpop, Aug 4, 2010.

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    i've been reading some pdfs on level 2 and tape for stocks, and have got a free demo so i can view level 2/ time and sales for stocks, but i'm unsure whether people actually day in day out grind profits? i've always thought big size go to the ES , with stocks becoming more and more infested with algorithms....and becoming more and more there still money to be made day trading stocks? (even from a making of markets perspective)
    to those who say yes...does the time and sales/tape help you in trading? does the level 2 help you? does your size effect the execution of your trades? what's the most you've made in a day :)
  2. All i will say are already late to the game.
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    i won't be day trading for another 1 and a halfish years anyway, if i even bother as i have no time when in school
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    before i look; that's the million in a day isn't it :) i think that's incredible!