Do Not Use Peak Trader Pro

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by datstrader, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. I think you would have more fun taking your money and putting it in a fire pit and burning it. I love taking small loosers all day it added up at the end of the month as a big looser. Best of luck to all.
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    can you enlighten us on what caused your grief?
  3. Just not happy with how it all worked out. Its a great system in thought just not a good tool by those that are trying to sell it. Was a great system to take small loosers. One handle or so but when you had a winner or a good trade the person who was on the webinar only bandstanded the trade like he sold the high of the move and bought back the low of the move. Which your stuck holding the bag on not trading or getting out with a small profit. They claim that they are still in it. I like the method just not the system that was set up. To much coin flipping going on. I could do that without being charged. What do you think of Peak???
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    The fact that they take a free system and charge you for it. That should make you question about their integrity.
  5. I watched their charting/system for about 7 minutes 34 seconds and I knew it was nothing $.02 :D
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    I gave it a trial a while back. Were your problems just account, and "chat room advice" related? Someone from their company was posting charts in the journal for a while and it wasn't good as far as thorough annotations. IOW, they didn't know what they were teaching, just a general overview.

    There were a bunch of issues with the software, I gave them a long list of needed changes, and a few bugs too. They never made any of the changes while I was trying it. Seemed a bit pricey with limited symbols. No stocks or Forex at the time.

    Their order entry platform was too difficult to navigate as well.
  7. I liked the method. I guesss that they used Jack's teaching. I just had a problem with the 50/50 type trading. They would claim that they were on every trade that was two handles in there favor, which i know is BS. They grandstanding really started to get to me. I just didn't like how they didn't disclose all fees included and screwed me for 300.00. Thats after i lost about 6k trading it. Best of luck to you and have a nice day