Do not sit down...stand up while trading...

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  1. You may have seen the man on the tread-mill trading, but you do not need a treadmill to burn calories. Standing up will burn about 50 calories per hour. Lets say 5 hours of standing, then thats 250 calories. That doesnt sound like a lot, but imagine over the course of 10 days...2500 calories.

    Get yourself a high table and stand up. Also, its a fact that you are more alert and awake standing then sitting. Sitting encourages sleep and relaxation. Standing encourages being awake and alert.
  2. I have posted on this previously but I have part time replaced the office chair with an Exercise stability ball.
    They improve the health of the spine, strengthen abs, improve blood flow to the legs and throughout the body ( seated for hours at a time is not healthy for blood flow ).
    Increase stability of the core and improve posture.

    Many exercises can be performed while at the desk with the stability ball including abdominal crunches, seated pelvic tilts, seated single leg balance , ball squats against a wall, prone spinal extensions, prone spinal extensions with horizontal shoulder abduction ( good for the external rotator cuff muscles infraspinatus and teres minor, also the mid trapezius, rhomboids, and spinal extensors erector spinae.

    They do not take up a lot of room and the size is 65 cm for anyone 5 foot 11" and under.
    Above 5' 11 " you should go with 75 cm.
    It is best to sit on one and try it out. A good posture on the ball is 90 degrees at the hip, and also 90 at the knees with tall upright spinal posture.

    Best of all they can be purchased anywhere including sports stores to Walmart,Target, Kmarts for $12.00 to $25.00 depending if it comes with a pump, exercise dvd, wall charts and such.
  3. I didn't read that entire article so hope I'm not repeating, but consider this as well - I just read recently that sitting is bad for your prostate. I'm not sure whether "the ball" can get around that fact, not that any of you spring chickens should have to worry about it just yet. Everything adds up over time though.
  4. probably a good idea, i may try that at some point. half day ball, half day chair.
  5. I posted this elswhere on ET but you can see the stability ball tucks under the desk easily for on and off all day use, also exercises performed throughout the day while trading. Good for health and keep in shape !

  6. Who is standing so far today ? :D

    Seriously, try to move around, stand a little, try an exercise ball, or exercise a little at a time in place.
    I am a big believer in fitness.

    It's your health... take good care of it.
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    I hit the gym at 1100 every day. On days when I'm trading, this then segues into my time-to-run-errands during the midday session. By 1:30 or 2PM I'm back at my desk for the remainder. But of course, I don't stare at the charts continuously, either.

    That said I also switch between an Aeron chair and a Swiss Ball. The ball is great both as a chair and for doing flexibility exercises when you feel tightness in the back. I love the thing.

    Also recommend foam rollers -- they do wonders for your back/shoulders.
  8. I have a 9hr a day desk job, so I set my watch to alarm every 45 minutes or an hour and then I go do a brisk walk around the parking lot, do a set of pushups to failure, and 5 or 10 deep squats.
    Amazing what this little bit of movement does to revitalize your mind.
  9. Nice.
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    how about this position? no extra expenses like a chair or ball or whatever :p
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