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  1. A few months before 11st September, one of my associate at my office suddenly disappear for a whole week without apparent reason.

    When he came back he learned me that he was called to United States for a friend of him who died in a car crash. A few months before that woman who had been a millionaire told him that she would commit suicide but would disguise it as an accident because she didn't want her father to know the reason. She has put all her money in a fund and that fund lost 80% I think and she had taken credits based on her gain expectation.

    How many people has market killed without even others knowing it ?
  2. to answer your question: probably not very many at all.

    and of course, the market didn't kill her, she killed herself.
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    She killed herself. The market didn't do it. She chose to invest in the market but she wasn't forced to.
  4. She "chose" ? What a choice when some merchants make you believe to dreams ? Today most of you still dream that you are smarter than your fellows and that you will ever survive that new economy still work with money flooding into economy : but what money fiat money EVEN in last december Greenspan began to use that term. You chose also or you believe in this dream ? I don't think the big crash will be for now but between 2010 and 2020 rather. But I will still be young and most of you too I suppose and above all our children if any. Did your children chose also ?

    Speculation exists since the romans so before JC. Even at that time there were already bonds and options products don't believe that modern market has anything new. And long speculation cycle last a little more than one generation that's why people can NEVER LEARN except if they study history of speculations.

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    Give me a break, you started a thread for this? What a waste of space.
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    Yeah, and that's understating it!!!!!!!!
  8. People who place material wealth above the value of life don't deserve to live. Life is cheap for these folks. Too bad.
  9. Several missing details about what this woman did, and why. One thing that is clear though, the daytrading rules had no effect in preventing this tragedy. This woman was neither a daytrader, nor was she undercapitalized.
  10. Maybe we should blame it on the PDT rule?
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