Do not pay money to!

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  1. They are sheisters! They took my money and never sent me signals. They have NO TRIAL PERIOD, but did find it convenient to bait-and-switch with their service...

    $160 down the tubes.

  2. Hope you paid the $160 by credit card so you can dispute the charge.

    Just think, you probably saved thousands of $$$ by not trading the signals.
  3. Done.

    I have a friend who is retired with too much time on his hands, who likes to create 'bots' that crash people's web sites and email accounts. Think I will send him a box of Doritos and drop in...
  4. And the moral of the story.....never pay anyone a dime in this business unless you see how they/their software/their trading signals perform in real time first.
  5. Too bad, their performance record posted was impressive. I guess it's true that those who can't trade profitably, teach how to trade... or start a signal service!!!
  6. I wouldn't really agree with that, people teach for lots of different reasons, and selling signals can generate quite a substantial risk-free income if you're good at it.

    Genuine sellers never mind letting you see how they perform in a live!

    Why do you want signals anyway, trading isn't that hard to grasp. Sure it may take a while to get consistent but at least you won't have to rely on someone else's opinion.
  7. Because everyone's systems have blackouts, and it is wise to always look for something better, because someone else always knows more...
  8. Fair comment, but how much can you learn from someone saying Buy or Sell, they rarely tell you the strategy behind the signals.
  9. The website looks like a scam. The best part is when you click on the Disclaimer and get "Page is not found"!

    Try it yourself:
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