do not get ripped off--economic

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    this is basic economic. we all try to be more level headed as to the way we spent money but i'm sorry gys,i must confess that i was ripped off due to stupidity. i took my kids to see Santa last week but saw a bargain in the newspaper."sit with Santa and get big picture free; can't go wong".
    well,rather than go to see the usual santa and pay 60 bucks for pics,i decided to give this place a shot and pay 10 bucks to have the kids sit on santa's lap and get the free pic,a $50 savings right? wrong! or should i say WONG !
    My kids get there,sit on his lp and Santa is some chinese guy. worse yet,he's got straight black hair,not white hair. ayway,my kids sit on his lap and he says;" Santa see you be vedy vedy good dis year,santa bring you some counterfeit Prada bags and some fake Nike sneakers from the north pole on canal street"
    WTF !!!! now my kids ain't dumb,they're lookin at this guy like he has two heads. my daighter says she wants some dolls. Santa says,"oh,yes,you can use he doll as cheap labor to make hand bags in sweat shop". i said enough is enough and grab my kids. then the guy has the audacity to say: "don't forget to leave santa some green tea and fortune cookies" .
    the moral of the story, you get what you pay for.
  2. I used to enjoy shopping those stores on Canal St. when I lived in New Orleans. Cheap entertainment. :)
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    this was very disappointing. my kids now think St. Nick is some chinese guy. we ordered chinese take out last night and when the chinese guy came to the door,my kids wanted to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for christmas next year. bad situation.