Do not eat the CORN* when this comes out* short Monsanto

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    Russia Reports Over 2 Million Dead In US As Mysterious Die-Off Accelerates

    According to these reports this mysterious, and as yet unidentified, disease responsible for this mass die-off began during the spring of 2008 in the US agricultural State of Iowa where

    Not reported to the American people about these genetically modified corn varieties made by Monsanto was the study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences warning that they were linked to organ damage.

    Russian scientists in these reports, however, call Monsanto’s claim of their genetically modified Mon 863 corn as being safe for human or animal consumption “totally without validation”, a finding supported by the French biomolecular engineering commission, the Commission du Génie Biomoléculaire

    All studies links available
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    malware site warning
  3. Corn-fed spam? :confused: :D :( :mad: :eek:
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  5. The Onion? :confused: :D
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    that web site is under attack to COVER UP the truth about Monsanto Corn.

    Go Ahead eat corn and get sick just don't say no one warned you
  7. CNBC?.....Wall Street Journal?.....New York Times?.......:confused: :eek: :( :mad: :D
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    Hello ..... it is to entertain people like you

    "Some events depicted in certain articles on this website are fictitious and any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental. Some other articles may be based on actual events but which in certain cases incidents, characters and timelines have been changed for dramatic purposes. Certain characters may be composites, or entirely fictitious."
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    the scientific studies are real, follow the link

    I hope you are better trader than you are thinker.
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