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    get in finally;

    "Once you have registered, your phone number registration will be effective for 5 years. It will be illegal for most telemarketers to call you, and you will be able to file a complaint if a telemarketer does call you. The website provides information about filing a complaint."
  2. . . . there's one little issue that concerns me. Supposedly any violations get referred to local law enforcement and with all they have on their plate, going after a fone solicitor will probably rank just above a barking dog service call.

    The $11,000 fine sounds impressive but in reality I think it will stop only the least brazen. Also for those who don't have caller ID and know the exact number of the violator they won't even have a case.

    Sounds like another feel-good law; let's see what happens.
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    Too bad it will result in an estimated 2 million people out of work (telemarketers). Now if we could just pass that law making tobacco illegal, we could put another 5 million people out of work as well (farmers, tobacco workers, retailers). This should help the ecomony recover!
  4. Tobacco use is by choice; being bugged by having some slimeball use MY phone to bug me is THEIR choice. To hell with them.

    Don't call me, stay off my property with your f***n door hangers and leave me the hell alone. Let 'em find other work.
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    Couldn't agree more. All this talk about now the power has turned to the consumer is BS. Why don't they just make it so that one has to opt-in rather than have to opt-out of every single business that on any given day decides it will put you on their list? The solicitors are only going to pretend that they didn't get the update yet, or that they can still call you under loophole #5. If I can be inconvenienced either by having my phone ring or having to sign up for opt-outs in order to give the preference to a of business in search of a profit, then why can't the business be inconvienced instead so that the consumer is given the preference of privacy. It's not really that the economy will be crippled if telephone solicitation is quelled. The economy can't be that fragile that it's hinging on cold calling. It's probably more about that the average person hasn't routinely contributed $10,000,000.00 to their local congressman lately.
    You know, when the automobile started getting popular, there was the outcry from the horse and buggy companies, and the blacksmiths, that they would all be put out of work. And they were. But jobs and new opportunities came in the way of gas stations, car dealerships, after auto market, mechanic garages, and the ever popular highway repair, which also played a role in helping this nation build wealth and get it through hard times during the Roosevelt era. And you can still buy a horse and buggy.

    If these businesses are so weak that if telephone cold calling will cripple them, then they need a stronger business model or to die a natural death and move on to something stronger.
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    Very good point. The only difference is that this is a business that is being governed out of business. It isn't going away because business found another way to market their products. A natural death to telemarketing would be if nobody ever bought something from a telemarketer... the businesses using telemarketing as a marketing avenue would turn to something that works (TV, Web, Radio, Print, etc).... and telemarketing companies would go out of business. But, people do buy from telemarketers (creating millions of jobs).

    Now, the strong TM companies will survive, because they have converted to Customer Support organizations/inbound call centers. This will save Jobs (good for them).

    Tobacco is the same scenario. A natural death would be if smokers found another vice (alchohol maybe). Then, the increase in alchohol business may offset a reduction in tobacco. If we legislate a reduction, do the farmers automatically start growing corn to survive.... not easily, because we already produce enough corn. Does the QuickShop increase sales in candy bars and soda pop to offset the loss in sales of smokes? Again, not likely (except that many people who quit smoking do tend to eat more :).

    Again, your comments were very well put. I don't smoke, and I AM on the DNC list (although my home automation system dumps all telemarketing calls before it rings my home line). I just wanted to see what people think about the potential ramifications on the economy and jobless rate which is already in bad shape.
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    I assume you're talking about telephone solicitation. Whether that's the only difference, as you say, I wouldn't know, but who cares what the difference is. The horse & buggy being crowded out had forces at play that propelled the auto industry forward. What does it matter if the forces at work were Henry Ford wanting to capitalize on an idea, the public wanting the auto, the gov't taxing people in order to pay for highways to be built to accommodate the auto, the tax favoring of businesses engaged in creating the auto industry, etc., and the forces at work to dry up telephone solicitations such as the public wanting their privacy, laws restricting business practices, etc. It's not censorship, it's not an infringement of rights, it's not tyrannical. Heck, businesses aren't allowed by gov't to do lots of things, does that make the underlying reasons any less authentic because they're funneled via gov't?
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    Do not call list is insane.

    The idea has some merit but the way the law was written is absurd.

    In my opinion telemarketing is a bunch of people in a room having a computer call people who they know nothing about.
    A law to regulate that is fine.

    But now a business is not allowed to call a previous customer which he last transacted business with more than 18 months ago?

    A Real Estate agent passing a for sale by owner home can't call the # on the sign if the person is on the do not call list?

    This will decimate many businesses which involve contacting potential customers on the phone.

    I understand if a face to face meeting had to take place to complete the sale that would be an exception to the rule ,but this exception was removed at the end.

    I find it very hard to believe some aspects of this law will not be changed.

    P.S. my solution is I never answer my phone until I hear who it is.But for people with children that are not home I can imagine they would not want to do that,figuring it may be a call from, or concerning their child.
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    I agree with the above statement. Like I said, I am on the DNC list myself.

    The purpose of my post was to get people's opinion if this will have ANY impact on the economy if government shuts down industries. I think I read into your posts that you don't think it will. You may be right... I don't know the answer.... am just looking for opinions.
  10. Neither is telemarketing.

    The law simply allows you to enforce a boundary over a resource that you own and pay for. No different than putting a fence around you property to restrict access - or a "no solicitations" sign over your front door.
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