Do not buy hardware from!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by hcour, Dec 10, 2005.

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    I ordered a barebones system from them, it didn't work, I sent it back. It took 5 wks for them to reimburse by credit card. During this time they never answered their telephone, they never returned msgs left on their answering machine, they never replied to emails. I was left completely in the dark as to the status of my refund. I finally reached someone on the phone after 5 wks and they said they would refund my card but they charged me a 15% restocking fee, even though they sent me defective hardware.

    W/o a doubt the worst online buying experience I've ever had. It was my own fault for not checking with the BBB and websites, both full of complaints similar to mine (and to which I will be adding my own).

    Beware of this company!

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    Sorry about your bad experience with

    I've ordered a lot of computer equipment though and have never had a problem. Try them out. They usually have some real good deals on Barebone computers.

    Hope this helps.
  3. TGregg


    Always check before buying OL. Newegg is generally considered to have the best customer service hands-down, and their prices are very close to rock bottom.
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    Actually I ended up building my system completely from scratch and I ordered every part from Newegg. Excellent service.

  5. Choad


    Anybody ever build up a system using components from a Frys store ?

    There are a few Frys around here, but if I just roughly add up the case/pwr supply, MB, drives, chipset, memory, etc, it seems like it would be about the same as just buying a Dell on sale.

    I haven't compared mail order component prices in quite a few years though.

  6. I built one from fry's back in 2001. The athalon proc. it came with was doa. They exchanged it. I bought the 3 year extended warranty with the bare bones system. 37 months later the motherboard crapped out. I say get a Dell, I bought one back in Jan and love it. No problems so far and if I ever do it has 3 years at home service.
  7. i stopped building computers. b/c i can get the same stuff from compaq or HP for about the same price. plus their computers are very quiet.