do negative people contribute to ET?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rs7, Oct 23, 2002.

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    I have noticed a lot of profanity and insults lately. People even going so far as to threaten violence on other traders. And of course the ever popular insults to one's heritage, sexual preference, and incestuous activities. In other words, the same old 5th grade biting wit.

    Now it is my belief that less negative posts provide room for more positive posts. On the other hand, does restricting the nastiness and the profanity infringe on our right to express ourselves freely?

    This board belongs to Baron, and his advertisers. But without us, the members, having an input, it is a recipe for anarchy. I would love to hear from Baron and all the moderators about where our limits should be set. When are we over the line with being too offensive? And where is it our emotional response can justify a lashing out? (If ever). But what are the ground rules? Or what should they be?
  2. I think some of the verbal attacks here at ET are preventing the flow of information, which is hurting some of us that are here to learn.

  3. "Verbal" as opposed to what other kind?
  4. uh...written?
  5. Here, here. I second the motion. I too have detected a high level of attack and extreme negative vibes in many posts. I have no problem with healthy disagreement or strong heartfelt opposite positions on issues. But there is a level of attack mentality that has to be across the lines. Some seem not capable of drawing the distinction and I would hate to think that any policing outside of one self would be needed. Thanks for your attention RS7 and count me in for support of the cause! :)
  6. Do negative people contribute? Not much, but I don't think we should all cry to the moderator for censorship. All you have to do is put the offending person on your ignore list, but no one does that. It's bitch, bitch, bitch for 30 pages and then pout, pout, pout to the moderator.

    Rs7, you were in some big argument with max whoever in the sniper thread and now you want to censor the whole damn board. That's bullshit. Ooops. I used a bad word. Instead of arguing with someone for 30 pages, just say "I'm not responding to you anymore, moron."

    I don't notice any reduced flow of information. Some people haven't discovered the search button yet. People choose to stay in these little squabbles. Some just enjoy the comedy. I certainly don't deny that there are some troublemakers, but just deal with it. Peace


  7. That ignore button is quite useful.

  8. It wouldn't be nearly as amuzing with censorship ...