Do most mainstrean brokers have a decent Android application ?

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  1. Since Android now has more or less the same quantity of apps as Apple,it should have decent apps for trading ....

    What brokers do have the best apps ?
  2. If a broker says the android app works for an android phone, will it also work for an android tablet ?
  3. It should, though it may not take advantage of the extra screen space, depending on how it is written.
  4. Why anyone actually wants to trade from a mobile device is beyond me. The only reason that comes to mind is if a trader's net goes down and they need to close out their positions.
  5. because some people don't want to be tethered to their desk
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    From what I've read, the new (decent) Android tablets are running Android v3 while most phones are running Android v2. They plan on converging at some point, but I don't believe there is a definite time line.

    My advice is to always use the device (iOS or Android) which your broker supports best so you're getting the best experience possible. Interactive Brokers clearly supports iPhone/iPad devices best. You could supplement an Android phone with an iPad (3G or WiFi) or iPod Touch (Wifi only).

    And there is always a Web interface which might be more usable outdoors with the new Amazon Kindle unless you need a color screen.
  7. the best way is to setup a solution yourself and use a remote program to connect back to your desktop computer. There are plenty of secure ways to do this. One app that I really like for Android is Wyse PocketCloud. I don't recommend using unsecured VNC or RDP though but using SSH or a VPN to encrypt works pretty well.

    I haven't seen it on a tablet but if it works as well as it does from a phone it would be a great solution for this. If you are going to buy an Android tablet wait until Ice Cream Sandwich drops later this year. It will bring together the phones and tablets and there will be a lot of new offerings once it is released. Eric Schmidt let it slip during a talk that it is scheduled for this Oct or Nov.

  8. How can you use an Amazon Kindle for trading ?
  9. The new Kindle is a fork of Android 2.2 but is more restricted than a regular Android tablet because it is designed to play media and surf the web. It is still unclear if many of the popular Android apps will even be available to run on it. I would stay away from it as a supplement to trading because it is so customized for Amazon media and the hardware is pretty weak.

    I'd really like to see the next version of the Asus Transformer. It is a tablet but also comes with an optional keyboard dock that turns it into a netbook. The first version had some issues but is still a great idea. I'm sure the next one will be one to watch.

  10. Android has an app to log in, connect to a windows VPS ?

    Apple has also such ?
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