do market makers just take price in the direction they want?

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  1. This is what I want to talk about next.
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  2. tommcginnis


    No. This is something I hear The Bozos Of Marketdom opine about all the time: "Oh! The Bulls were in control, today! Drove the prices up!"
    No, no, no and NO.
    If the bulls were in control, they would withdraw from the market, leaving any sellers to "chase the bid" (being, of course, a well-known phrase by those WHO ACTUALLY TRADE). Same with bears: if bears were in control of a market, they would pull their offers up up up, and let buyers chase them.

    If you're in *control*, you *don't* act to hurt your own interests. :banghead:
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  3. There is a tiny supply of graphics processing units on the market now because all the ethereum miners are buying them to generate profits.

    In this case the sellers are in control and they set the price because everyone wants one. A $400 item is now like $800. Price goes up.

    Is my logic here wrong?
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    Nope. They "withdraw" their product at $400, and raise it to $425 -- no, $510 -- no, $675 -- "Too late!" $800. Same a trader's price ladder.

    (Any willing) Buyers are chasing the offer.
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  5. JackRab


    It's all semantics.

    If I'm long, I'd be bullish for whatever timeframe... but I'm basically a seller at a higher price. I'm not bearish though... since I'm long, but I definitely am a seller.

    And of course I'd like other buyers to chase bids up... depending on circumstances I might pull my offer up to higher levels as well.

    So, IMO bulls run up the price by having latecomers pay up higher. If I'm bearish, I might wait to see what price action is happening, and offering at a higher price... so also bears have the price run up if they would look at what's happening....

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    Tommy-boy ;)

    You don't really want me to explain the word semantics, do you? :D
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  8. Does that mean nope I'm not right?
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    Who says market makers have to "do anything with" resting orders from non-market makers?
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  10. Maybe I don't get what market makers do, then.

    Bump for replies to the question.
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