Do kids learn trading better than adults?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Tradesmith, Aug 6, 2003.

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    i read somewhere that 90% of all mathematical breakthroughs have come from mathematicians under the age of 30.
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  2. Good point. I think particularly latter sentence is the real issue.
    The parent.

    Well, there's always the simulator...

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  3. That's 'cause they stop counting once they turn 30... :p
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  4. EGOT


    I honestly don't believe a kid (12-16) would treat trading any differently than any other video game unless they were taught about the "real" financial risks and consequences involved.

    I've trained people in the former soviet union who knew nothing about the market, or even what the S&P was, and they learned the system quickly and trade it without any of the "considerations" I have when trading.

    They really make great traders.
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  5. MRWSM


    LOL, If that were true Warren Buffet would be 12 years old.

    You need to look at how intelligence is measured before such a general statement.:p
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  6. frank123


    True. One of my Economics professors told me he used to be a math major. He got his math PHD. He is almost 30 by then and he had not had any major contribution to math yet. So he decided he never would--since most great mathematician made their name by 30. So he decided to quit math, and he eventually becomes an Economics professor.
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    the key is "without new stimuli". WB will continue being just fine until he packs his bags for a condo in FL.
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