Do kids learn trading better than adults?

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  1. When we were kids, we accepted everything we learned. And we didn't have much opinions. Kids don't have much fear, greed and emotion (normal kids, I should say). We followed what the adults told us. All of them are what a good trader needed. In this case, the adults are not human being but the trading systems and the money management rules. Do you think it is easier for kids to learn trading than adults? Would you teach you kids how to trade?
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    yes and Yes
  3. It depends...

    In my view, adults are better at being self-taught, since their knowledge and analytical skills are far superior, and they have the advantage of extensive life experiences to draw upon... adults are also better at strategy creation for these same reasons...

    But as regards teaching a raw set of rules to be followed religiously, kids are probably more pliable...
  4. intelligence deteriorates quickly for ages > 25
    without new stimuli
  5. OK, am stumped. How does age deteriorate intelligence? Beside the obvious such as a neurological disease like Alzheimers.
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    Kids should deal with kid's stuff, don't start bugging them with one of the emotionally most demanding occupations, one can think of, at an early age.
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    Ditch I totally agree.
  8. Agreed here too, look at what happened to Corey Feldman/Haim :)
  9. I disagree. The earlier one is faced with adversity, the earlier one can begin to deal with adversity in a healthy way. The key is for a child to have someone, or something, guiding them. Trading would be an excellent education because it teaches financial concepts very few people understand - and it does so with immediate feedback. If you do things wrong you know within months, days, even hours that you have done something wrong. Adults take this very hard, but children often take these kinds of failures in stride. Unless a parent is putting undue pressure on their child, they will in most cases learn on their own what succeeds and what fails.
  10. The less they know; the easy it is ...
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