Do Internet Anonymizers Slow Market Quotes & Orders?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by himself, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. himself


    I was thinking of Installing TOR and Privoxy for internet anonymity and was wondering do such anonymizers slow my receipt of real time market quotes?
    Would they slow my sending orders to the broker?
    Do they have the ability to bypass them to go direct to "trusted" IP addresses?

    [I use IB as my broker.]

    Thank you
  2. esuperbo


    Does Tor support routing anything other than regular http traffic?

    Frankly even if it does (or IB's platform cooperates, etc), attempting to route IB through Tor is idiocy. Latency is huge, reliability is less, and you're connecting with a broker who has all your personal information anyways!

    In short, yes it will slow your quotes, yes it will slow your orders, and no it won't benefit you in any way (relating to trading, I don't know what else you do in your spare time that requires multi-hop proxying)