Do I want to be a forex trader?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by johnstac, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. johnstac


    I have to say that of all of the investment choices out there, Forex is probably the one I am most leery of. I would have thought that just trading how currency moves would be straight-forward but the more I read the more confused I become.

    Bots, trend lines; there is so much information that is scares me away. Just don't know who to believe. I am traditionally a stock trader but Forex has always been in the back of my mind. Maybe someone who has consistently made money over time in Forex can share their experience. How much time did it take to learn? How long was it before you made your first trade? Where did you educate yourself? In a classroom setting, online resources or just simply hands on trading?
  2. contra


    why not? I'll trade anything...

    I'm not what I would call successful with trading forex, if you're talking about living the big life, flying planes and sh*t... or living strictly from it.
  3. NoBias


    Forex is an excellent trading vehicle

    Should be included in all traders repertoire
  4. ocean5


    Doesn`t really matter what market to trade.It is the personal traits of an instrument,that matters.Find your own.
  5. achilles28


    This. Volatility is the only thing that matters. Follow volatility. Currencies have been flat, recently. Try crude oil.
  6. speres


    If u want to trade forex u need all ur ducks in a row (no pun intended honest:D ) be risk averse and only trade ur setups,now how hard is that LMAO!!! ive told u too much already ,now im gonna have to....
  7. Salmon


  8. Not all currencies are flat. EURAUD has been trending very well, and there are others as well.
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