Do I need Esignal or similar?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by barnetda, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I am currently trading 10-20 times a day vanilla equities and probably 2 or 3 times a day short term options.

    I currently trade through TOS and Optionsxpress and use Scottrade Elite for my day trades.

    I like the look of esignal from its web site but i wonder if I actually need it?
    I use the charts from Scottrade Elite but would like an integrated package which i believe esignal offers allowing me to trade with optionsxpress via esignal and possibly scottrade.

    I have traded commoditys proffesionally for 25 years buit am a relative newbie in equity trading full time.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.
  2. I use Esignal just for its datafeed. I find their software horrible. The charts look like its 1997.

    In answer to your question: Is your current setup MISSING anything? What do you need to implement your current strategies and trading style?

    Nobody NEEDS Esignal if they are profitable and can implement everything they can dream of with their current charting platform.
  3. I am doing ok with my current set up. Its amazing after being a succesful interbank trader for 25 years i have to literally go back to basics to trade equities.

    I am not massively into tech analysis although i use the basic studies.
    Scottrade elite seems ok but i would like to try and integrate everything if possible onto one platform.

    I guess esignal is just more sophisticated software than scottrade elite. The question is is it worth the extra $59 a month. Probably not for what i do .

    I agree with you as to not "needing" something.

    I also use vectorvest for scanning etc. Which i find very useful.

    Bearing in mind my set up etc. What benefits would esignal bring to me?
  4. What sort of benefits does esignal bring me?

    Am i able to integrate optionsxpress into the software and trade from one platform satisfactorily?

    If i trade through 2 or 3 brokers (scottrade,tos, optexp) is it possible to have the p/l showing in total?

    Sorry if i am sounding a little slow here.
  5. Also i assume i cant integrate Vectorvest into esignal? would be pretty neat for the charts that esignal offer?

    Just wondering if its worth the $60 a month.

    I am also interested in quotrek . I like to get updates on my Palm when possible.